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Ola Rindal


Ola Rindal is a Norwegian photographer based in Paris.
Ola Rindal has already published several books of his personal work which have also been shown in many international art galleries. 

Editorials : Double, i-D Magazine, Self Service, Re-Edition, SSAW, Purple, Luncheon, Union, Apartemento, Vogue.

Fashion & Luxury clients : Chanel, Hermès, Lemaire, Tekla, Maison Margiela, Études, Balenciaga, Uniqlo, Urban Revivo, Matches Fashion and Louis Vuitton.

The Cloud, the bird and the Pudle, published by Molo Press 2022
Thujord, Published by Ola Rindal, Norway 2020
Notes on Ordinary Spaces, Published by Libraryman Co., Ltd. 2019
Paris, Published by Livraison Books, 2017
Dag - Madoka - Miya, Published by Libraryman Co., Ltd. 2016
Distance, Cornerkiosk Press 2015
Blindness, Published by Cornerkiosk Press 2013
Night, Light, Published by Livraison Books, 2013