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is a photography critic, independent publisher and art director. He has served as curator of numerous exhibitions on fashion photography.

Patrick Remy also works with numerous publishing houses such as Steidl, Rizzoli New York, Louis Vuitton Prestel, and Taschen.

To date, he has published some forty books, including monographs devoted to Hiromix, Thomas Hauser, Steve Hiett, Massimo Vitali, Max Pam, Saul Leiter, Helmut Newton, Wing Shya, Kourtney Roy, Gerard Malanga, Jonas Mekas, Guido Mocafico, Thibaut Cuisset, François Halard, Synchrodogs, Quentin de Briey, Kishin Shinoyama, Sonia Sieff, Bettina Rheims,Valérie Belin, Jeanloup Sieff, Slim Sarons and Daidō Moriyama among others.

He is also the author of :

The Art of Fashion Photography (Prestel, 2014)

Desire: New Erotic Photography (Prestel, 2015)

Antiglossy: Fashion Photography Now (Rizzoli NY, 2019).

Patrick Remy lives and works in Paris.